Week of Type Monday Wednesday Friday
Aug 20 Material Covered Introduction
Basic Coordinate Geometry
Cartesian Vectors
Cartesian Vectors Trigonometry
Assignments Due Basic Coordinate Geometry HW 1-10 all
Vector HW 3,5,6,13
Aug 27th Material Covered Inverse Trigonometry Vector Angles Dot Product
Assignments Due Vector Class Lab Flowchart Trigonometry HW: 1-16 all
Vectors HW: 1,2,4,7,8,10,11
Lab Vector Class Lab
Sept 3 Material Covered Labor Day (No Class) Cross Product & Vector Projection Collision Detection
Assignments Due Labor Day (No Class) Dot Product: #1-7 all
Vector Projection: #1-4 all
Lab Labor Day (No Class)
Sept 10 Material Covered Collision Detection Parametric Equations Kinematics
Assignments Due Vector Class Lab Report
Projections Lab Flowchart
Cross Product HW #1-9 all
HW Collision Detection #1-8 all
Lab Projections Lab
Sept 17 Material Covered Free Fall Motion Projectile Motion Wrap-Up & Review
Assignments Due Projections Lab Report
Collision Detection Lab Flowchart
Lab Collision Detection Lab
Sept 24 Material Covered Unit One Exam Newton's Laws of Motion Integration Methods
Assignments Due Unit One Exam
Lab Unit One Exam
Oct 1 Material Covered Free Body Diagrams Friction and Wind Resistance Orbital Motion & Gravitation
Assignments Due Collision Detection Lab Report
Accelerated Motion Lab Flowchart
Lab Accelerated Motion Lab
Oct 8 Material Covered Work & Energy Power Power
Assignments Due Accelerated Motion Lab Report
Force & Motion Lab Flowchart
Lab Force & Motion Lab
Oct 15 Material Covered Matrices Matrices Review
Assignments Due Force & Motion Lab Report
Work & Energy Lab Flowchart
Lab Work & Energy Lab
Oct 22 Material Covered Unit Two Exam Matrix Transformations Complex Numbers
Assignments Due Unit Two Exam
Lab Unit Two Exam
Oct 29 Material Covered Closest Points Momentum & Impulse 1D Collisions
Assignments Due Work & Energy Lab Report
Scaling & Translations Lab Flowchart
Complex and Quaternion Exercises #1-8
Lab Scaling and Translations Lab
Nov 5 Material Covered 2D Collisions & Reflections Matrix Rotations Matrix Rotations
Assignments Due Scaling & Translations Lab Report
Closest Points Flowchart
Lab Closest Points Lab
Nov 12 Material Covered Complex & Quaternion Rotation Rotational Kinematics Torque
Assignments Due Closest Points Lab Report
Physical Collisions Lab Flowchart
Lab Physical Collisions Lab
Nov 19 Material Covered Review No Class No Class
Assignments Due Physical Collisions Lab Report
Rotations Lab Flowchart
No Class No Class
Lab Rotations Lab No Class No Class
Nov 26 Material Covered Unit Three Exam Center of Mass
Moment of Inertia
Rotational Dynamics
Assignments Due Unit Three Exam
Lab Unit Three Exam
Dec 3 Material Covered Wrap-Up Wrap-Up Review
Assignments Due Rotational Motion Lab FLowchart
Rotations Lab Report
Lab Rotational Motion Lab Rotational Motion Lab
Finals Material Covered Final Exam 2:00-3:50pm
Assignments Due Final Exam 2:00-3:50pm
Lab Final Exam 2:00-3:50pm